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TrailsWeb is commited to providing a superior solution for lenders of all types. Our formula is hardly a secret. Here's why countless lenders have chosen Moneylender Professional for their loan servicing softwre...

Why our customers report choosing Moneylender Professional over competitive products like NoteSmith and The Trakker:

  • User Friendliness - Moneylender Consistenly wins praises from prospective customers because of it's straightforward interface. When you create a loan, it shows up in the main screen. You can see it and click on it to work with its records. For some unknown reason, all the competitive products only display the loan if you search for it from some odd menu item. In Moneylender, you make a new loan and there it is, ready for payments, reports, edits, adjustments, whatever.
  • Value - Virtually all aspects of loan servicing are included in Moneylender's repertoire of functions. The program is used by Car Dealerships, College and University Finance Departments, Government Agencies, Banks and Private Investers. Many of our users are based in the United States, but Moneylender is currently in use across North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and Oceana. Our low license price is by no means an indication of Moneylender Professional's power. Small lenders only need one license, and it doesn't make sense to shell out thousands of dollars to service a $10,000 owner carry-back on a real estate sale. Larger lenders like dealerships and banks run Moneylender on several computers and end up purchasing multiple licenses for their various offices.
  • Ongoing Improvements - Since release in April 2006 TrailsWeb has averaged one update every six weeks. That's proof of our commitment to the quality and versatility of the program. As people report new needs and new conveniences they would like to software to have TrailsWeb modifies the program and releases a free upgrade to all users. Occasionally one of our customers will sponsor a major addition to the software, and all of our users benefit from the new improvement. Moneylender Professional 1.001 was a sponsored improvement from Moneylender Express back in 2004. This program really is by the people, for the people.
  • Unparalleled Support - While our competitors offer great customer support, TrailsWeb has a unique advantage. When you call our toll free number, the author of the entire program is the guy answering the phone. I can answer just about any question you might have about Moneylender, and I know exactly how the program works to explain how to use it to accomplish virtually any calculation. Also, through years of offering this type of support I'm fairly familiar the accounting practices and servicing regulations that affect my users. Frequently, conversations about how to use moneylender include information about how to service loans in genereal, and how to comply with various lender regulations.

What can you expect when you purchase and set up Moneylender Professional? Simplicity. Follow the two steps on the download page to install the software on your computer. Follow the steps in the program when it opens to get yourself setup. All the functions of the software are designed to be as accessible as possible. When you click a loan in the main window, you're only one or two clicks away from every aspect of managing that account.

We sincerely hope you have a great experience trying and using Moneylender Professional and we look forward to working collaboratively towards a better solution as the years pass.

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