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Frequenty Asked Questions

The answers to many common questions are provided here. If you need any further assistance with the software, please email for the fastest response.

Do I have the most current version of Moneylender?

The current version is always listed on the home page of this site. In Moneylender, click Help > About Moneylender to see what version you have.

How do I update Moneylender to the current version?

Click here for step-by-step directions to safely update the software on your computer.

What happens if my computer breaks?

Your license is transferable from one computer to another. Download Moneylender and install it on your new computer. When the dialog appears asking if you want to run as a demo or Purchase/Activate, click Purchase/Activate and enter the email address you used when you bought your license. If you attempt to run Moneylender on your old machine, it may revert to the demo because the license key will no longer be valid.

Please note, your portfolio file will need to be copied from your old computer to your new computer. Once MLP is installed on your new computer, you can double-click the portfolio file to open it with Moneylender and you should be back up and running.

Can I install MLP on a second computer?

Certainly, but you need to buy a second license. If you purchased your second license prior to installing the program on the second machine (purchasing two licenses at once, for example), just follow the steps in the "What happens if my computer breaks?" question above to activate your second license on your other computer. Your first computer is not deactivated because there are two licenses on your account.

Otherwise, just download, install and purchase the software normally to buy the second license. If you use the same email address, you'll get to the dialog that shows "licenses owned on this account" and "purchase additional licenses". Set purchase additional licenses to 1 or more and click Get Price. If you activate one license on more than one computer, your original installation may be deactivated and revert to the demo.

Error: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.

You might see this message when MLP first starts on the status bar of the program. Versions and earilier will show this message because the program is no longer self-updating since around version Update to the newest version of the program (see the question "How do I update Moneylender to the current version?" above) and instead of this error you'll see a friendly message that a newer version is available.

I created a loan and recorded several payments but Moneylender still says the loan is way past due!

When you enter payments from your borrowers, the Date Applied should be set to the corresponding due date on the loan's payment schedule. For example, if a payment is due on the 1st and received on the 6th, when you record the payment set the "Date Applied" to the 1st and the "Date Received" to the 6th. MLP will see the payment applied to the 1st and go on to the next due date. If the payment is recorded as applied on the 6th and received on the 6th, Moneylender will still be looking for a payment on the 1st and will not advance the loan.

I want the payment to credit on the day the payment arrives, not on the due date for the payment.

Moneylender's Flexible Payment loan type is designed to allow this. In the loan wizard's Loan Type dialog, select "Flexible Payment". On the Interest Schedule dialog, select "Compound on Separate Schedule" and choose "Daily" for Interest Frequency.

Can I see every transaction Moneylender is applying to my loans?

Select a loan and click Reports > Complete Accounting Report. Choose a desired date range and you'll get a list of every positive and negative transaction MLP has applied to each loan.

I created a loan but when I try to get a payoff quote I get $0.

Moneylender's Payoff Calculator will only generate payoff quotes for dates after the first payment due date. Select a date on or after the first payment due date to get a valid payoff amount.

Can I lend additional principal on an existing loan?

Double-click the loan to open the New Payment dialog. Change the Payment Type to "Principal Adjustment". Enter the amount you're lending as a positive number (or, to forgive principal, enter a negative amount) and set the Date Applied and Date Received to the date you supplied the additional funds. You may also wish to change the regular payment amount by clicking Loan > Regular Payment > Change Regular Payment.

How can I tell how much outstanding interest there is on a loan?

Right-click the loan and choose Loan Summary. Interest Outstanding appears 15th in the list.

I bought a loan at a discount. How can I use MLP to track discount earned?

Select the loan and click Loan > Lender > Multiple Lenders. Click New and enter the amount you paid. Then, on the Reports menu, use the reports in the Multiple Lenders section for details on the performance of your loan in light of the discount. The 1099-MISC functions of the software will also account for the discount earned and include it as taxable income on the form.

Moneylender frequently freezes for several seconds or minutes. What's happening?

Moneylender's auto-backup function will lock the portfolio while a backup is being created. If your portfolio is very large, it might take a few minutes to create a backup. If backups are set to every five minutes, this can make Moneylender almost unusable. To alleviate the problem, try rarifying the backup frequency (from File > Moneylender Settings > Backup tab) so the interruptions are not as inconvenient.

I'm trying to buy the software but I can't click the Activate button.

On that dialog, use the little Up/Down arrows in the box next to "Purchase (Additional) Licenses" to specify one or more licenses to buy, and then click "Get Price". You'll be able to enter your payment information on the next dialog and the software will activate upon successful payment.

When Moneylender starts I see a dialog that says "Restore Portfolio?" with Yes/No buttons.

When Moneylender opens a portfolio, it creates a temporary working file to make edits in. When the portfolio or program is closed, this file is reconciled to the original file and deleted. It should not normally be present at the time a portfolio is being opened. If it is, Moneylender will display this message. Almost exclusively, you should say "Yes" to this dialog and then immediately create a backup of your portfolio (click File > Backup Portfolio) because it indicates something went wrong when the portfolio was last closed. If the dialog does not recur, you're probably ok. If you get this message often, it's likely a sign that the program is being forced to close before it can successfully close the portfolio file (perhaps by ending the process from the Windows Task Manager or when the computer shuts down, for example).

To alleviate problems due to forcing the program to shut down abruptly: close MLP before logging off, rebooting, or shutting down; avoid using the task manager to end the "mlp.exe" process or "Moneylender Professional" application.

It can also appear if you open the program twice - in which case clicking either Yes or No will immediately give an "Error while trying to load the most recent portfolio!" message and sometimes crash immediately.

If it's a recurring problem, please contact so we can help you determine the root cause and suggest a restructuring of your system to alleviate possible errors.
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