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Moneylender 3 Development News

2018-02-14 Released version 3.0.70:
-Fixed interest not continuing on loans that are extended past their original maturity.
-Amortization Report now honors the date range selection to show a partial slice of the amortization table.
-Maybe this time for sure the Payment Distribution and Payment History reports will have slightly wider date columns to prevent the dates from getting split across two lines.

2018-02-08 Released version 3.0.68 and 3.0.69:
-<LoanLateFee> now shows the actual dollar amount of the late fee for late fees using the % of regular payment option.
-Deferrals from Moneylender 2 are properly imported into Moneylender 3.
-fixed: Regular Payment settings were not being copied properly from Moneylender 2
-fixed: escrow charges wouldn't stop when their date range expired.
-couple other tweaks to the UI.

2018-02-02 Released version 3.0.66 and 3.0.67:
-When importing from Moneylender 2, escrow that was prorated is set as a charge, and the total prorated amount is recorded as a disbursement. If a non-prorated charge is present, it is disbursed from the escrow account, and also scheduled to deduct from payments immediately.
-<LoanNextPaymentLateDate> now properly populates with a value.
-Added a statement: Closed in Good Standing to give borrowers when they pay their loans in full.
-Added box to the payment dialog to enter the fixed additional amount commonly used with lines of credit.
-Expanded the configuration options for payment schedules to set and end date.
-Fixed a bug where double-interest might be charged when the interest rate changed.
-If a file is being attached and the file can't be accessed, the program displays a message instead of crashing.

2018-01-29 Released version 3.0.64:
-Added option to use # in account auto-numbering options to generate a random number.
-Added a tool to delete all escrow charges. Useful if the import from Moneylender 2 created a big mess in the escrow account.
-Fixed multi-page templates not printing on multiple pages.
-Added warnings to loan calculator to make the ! triangle light up in the main window if an escrow disbursement occurs within 20 days on a loan.

2018-01-19 Released version 3.0.63:
-Added Escrow Analysis template type, the relevant tags for an analysis letter, and a default escrow analysis statement.
-Fixed the "Payments" amount on SummaryOfFinances reports was omitting the amount paid to escrow.
-Added <1098PropertyTax> for lenders that choose to add this information to the Other box on the 1098 forms.
-Added the ability to create prime interest rate indexes, and to set the rate changes over time for an index.
-Added option to bind an interest rate to an index, and thus the rate would be a set amount above the varying index over time.
-Fixed the program crashed when a loan was chosen with a semimonthly payment schedule.
-Fixed a couple other bugs.

2018-01-17 Released version 3.0.62:
-Fixed a crash if closing a loan with no payments.
-Click the (!) triangles that are highlighted in the main window to see the full list of messages on a loan.
-Network edits no longer trigger a full recalc on a loan.
-Metro2 compliance condition 'XR' is reported for one cycle and then blanked out, per the Metro2 spec.
-Added a routine to calculate per-diem late fees.
-Escrow and Daily Interest Loans now detect if a payment arrived early on a paid-current loan and the escrow is deducted properly from the payment.
-Fixed a crash when clearing a field-mapping in the import borrowers from Excel routine.
-Added a tool that will mark the payments on the first day payments were made as prepaid interest and fees for all currently selected loans.
-Added the ability to choose a specific lender when running Summary of Payments reports like the Reconciliation Report.
-Added "Today" and "Yesterday" as date presets on reports.
-Fixed the Last 7 Days date preset (had the start and end dates reversed).

2018-01-12 Released version 3.0.61:
-Fixed Custom Fields not working on some report types.
-Added Auto-Generate Payment History tool
-Added <LoanCreditLimit> and <LoanAvailableCredit> to statement template tags.
-Added AvailableCredit as a column choice for the main window and on reports.
-Added Cash/Payday/Title loan wizard.
-Added option to Portfolio Settings for which loan wizard starts when you click the New Loan button.
-Maybe Fixed? some reports were crashing in a network environment, and don't appear to be crashing with the new version.

2018-01-09 Released version 3.0.58 and 3.0.59:
-Fixed Payment Vouchers crashing for preview or print.
-Added Loan, Borrower, and Lender properties as options for Financial Summary Reports.
-Added Payment Reconciliation report as a default report templates.
-Fixed: Choosing to report on loans that are Open / Closed / Due / Past Due works now.
-Added: Borrower fields to Payment Summary reports.
-Added "Last 7 Days" as default date option for reports.

2018-01-05 Released version 3.0.57:
-Moneylender will expect the total of outstanding principal, interest and fees as the final payment on the loan.
-Amortization system now runs entirely in memory - much faster and can be used easily in various parts of the application without unnecessary disk usage, especially important in a network environment.
-<LoanBalloonDate> and <LoanBalloonAmount> are now populating with the correct values.
-Option to prefer company name in the Portfolio Settings.

2018-01-03 Released version 3.0.56:
-fixed: infinte loop in calculator for precomputed interest if interest is 0.

2018-01-01 Released version 3.0.55:
-Added template tags for 1098 and 1096 forms.
-Added 1098 templates for 2017 and 2018.
-Added Skip Interest on 31st support for daily scheduled interest.
-More compatibility with some of Moenylender 2's more obscure configurations during import into Moneylender 3.
-Miscellaneous bug fixes.

2017-12-14 Released version 3.0.51:
-Loans using the Amortized with Suspense Account engine will now suspend payments received prior to the first due date for longer than a regular payment cycle.
-Double-click a regular payment from the Amount Due account on the Ledgers tab to defer that payment.
-Added custom fields for some records to the choices for columns on reports.
-Populate custom columns with custom data on reports.
-Removed the ReportHeaderPayment template type.
-Created a default Lender report header.
-When importing Reports, they'll choose the first header that matches the report type in the destination portfolio by default.
-When a portfolio is set to auto-open to network, it opens to the network now.
-Fixed a couple typos.

2017-12-08 Released version 3.0.49 and 3.0.50:
-When running a metro2 report, if a loan can't be included, the report is generated without the loan, and a message is displayed to the user with a list of loans that can't be generated.
-More documentation added the the online help.
-v50 changed the way the portfolio is opened so it can pop up the password box if needed.

2017-12-06 Released version 3.0.47 and 3.0.48:
-Fixed crash when printing vouchers because of the <BorrowerAllFormattedName> tag.
-Fixed some issues with metric paper support for template printing.
-Added A4 paper size templates to mirror the letter sized templates, with slight adjustments to the address and positioning of template elements.
-Can now select multiple template items by holding the control key while selecting.
-Fixed crash when closing a loan that had no payments on it.
-Adjust column sizes to print nicely for default reports.
-Math on reports now goes from left to right (instead of right to left).
-Some of the balances on reports now reflect percent ownership when a specific lender is selected. For example, the principal balance might be 100k on a loan, but wenr reporting for a lender that owns 25%, the principal will be shown as 25k to show the lender's stake in the principal balance.

2017-12-04 Released version 3.0.46:
-Added New Loan button on toolbar.
-Closed loans will recalc at least once if they haven't been calculated before.
-Added tool to re-open and then close unsatisfied loans to fix problems from:
-Fixed ChargeOff amount wasn't importing from Moneylender 2.
-Added suggestions for next steps to main window to create a portfolio and then add a loan.
-Deleting Custom fields works now.
-Custom fields input boxes have a smaller max height (about four custom fields' worth) and will then start scrolling.
-If a borrower pays the previous due date ahead of time, a payment any time after that due date will now apply to the subsequent due date.
-Fixed value on the <LoanAmountdueIfLate> tag to queue off the amountduedate instead of the current due date - would have the wrong value if printing statements on loans that were paid ahead.
-<BorrowerAllFormattedName> now populates with the list of names of all borrowers on the loan.
-Points paid is now a number that can be used on lender reports.
-Revert button for Statement templates and Report templates now clears and resets the corresponding templates (after asking if you're sure).

2017-11-28 Released version 3.0.45:
-LoanAmountPastDue tag now shows the latter of the amount due on the previous due date or after the last payment was received.
-LoanNewFees tag now shows the amount fees added to the loan since the latter of the previous due date or the most recent payment.
-Added Origination Date as a box on the Loan Settings dialog.
-Added Payoff Fees as a fillable field in the payoff calculator to add a tentative fee to the payoff quote.
-Added new tags to the payoff quote template to allow for more detailed description of the baances and amount quoted for the payoff: PayoffPrincipalBalance, PayoffInterestBalance, PayoffInterestTotal, PayoffPayoffFee, PayoffFeeBalance, PayoffFeeTotal
-Added keep-alive pinging to network clients so the host computer doesn't close their conections due to inactivity.
-Added Payment Calculator Window - available from Regular Payment dialog.
-Fixed crash when saving reocords with custom field values that are blank.
-Cleaned up parts of the Regular Payment window
-Stop calculator from hanging during calculation when a loan is opened and closed on the same day.
-Compress routine can carefully span gaps between valid records if a previous compress has been aborted. Auto-Repairs corrupt portfolios that were closed in the middle of a compress.
-If you use a corrupted portfolio in spite of the warning, the warning will not reoccur.
-Changed labels of some of the column heading in the main window.
-Revised the options under Loan > New Loan so it's easier to tell which choice to make. A lot of people as trying Manual configuration, which is EXTREMELY difficult to get right without a bunch of work.
-Moved the Add/Edit/Delete buttons on the Manage Borrowers and Manage Lenders dialogs so they're not right next to the X to close the window.
-Added five or six pages to the User's Guide.
-Cleaned up some parts of the Borrower wizard.
-Added Borrower's Notes field to the Contact info page, so it's visible on both the Name and Contact steps of the process.
-Re-enabled the No Portfolio Open panel that covers the main window when there is no portfolio open.
-Took out some menu options that no longer work, or were remnants from initial layouts based on Moneylender 2.
-fixed Charge Off amount wasn't being copied over when importing loans from Moneylender 2.

2017-11-17 Released version 3.0.43:
-Added County to Borrower Physical Address
-Fixed crash in Moneylender settings when no portfolio is loaded.
-Added Discount Earned column option to financial return.
-Added Investor Report to default reports.
-Program automatically calculates the discount ratio for lenders.
-Added default settings for new Amortized loans to Portfolio Settings > Defaults tab.
-Lender reports now allow choosing portfolio total or totals for a specific lender.
-Transactions Ledger Report template working, and a default one now comes with the program.

2017-11-14 Released version 3.0.42 to fix a crash with Bimonthly payments. Added the Intro to Moneylender 3 video to the website.

2017-11-13 Released version 3.0.41 with some fixes and improvements:
-Import from MLP2 prepends the Third Party "Payable To" or "Company" to the "Account number assigned by Third Party" when copying over fees.
-Fixed Sorting on Lender Reports like the Summary of Finances report.
-Added Clean Currency formatting to column formatting options on reports. The first row and the summation row on a report will show the currency symbol, the rest of the rows will not.
-Added "Next 30 Days" and "Next Calendar Month" to date presets for reports.
-Added several fields for initial and final amounts due on reports.
-Added "profit/loss", "gross receipts", "cash flow", "receivables" reports to the program defaults.
-Added "mailing label" and re-added the lost "payoff quote" statement templates.
-Fixed bug in suspended payment code when no payment schedule exists.

2017-11-10 Released version 3.0.40 with some cool updates:
-Added escrow charges to the amount shown on vouchers.
-It is now possible to have multiple concurrent late fees, and to set a trigger amount that will determine if a specific late fee will be added to a loan.
-Fixed a bug that would temporarily apply an extra late fee if a late payment was deleted from a loan.
-Fixed printing vouchers not respecing the selected ending date like the preview does.
-Improved how data is displayed on ledger tabs.
-Removed some of the items from the Loan menu that were copied over from Moneylender 2.
-Partial support for report header templates is working. The default templates have a sample ledger header template and can be used with Ledger Transactions and possibly payment distribution/history reports. Work is still underway to get a full set of header templates for all reports.
-Some work has been done on getting single-lender reports to show fractional ownership on loans.
-Fixes for lots of other little bugs and glitches.

2017-11-03 Worked on various parts of the program for the last few days. Got a couple reports of crashes, and released version 3.0.37 and then version 3.0.38 to address the reported problems. And then 3.0.39. It's nice to have people crawling through the whole thing with their specific loans to help identify trouble areas. Also, added the collateral field to the loan settings window. Lots of other small fixes and adjustments. Getting a lot of really great feedback, to be honest. Several customers are making the switch to version 3 now, so a lot of customer support through the transition.
2017-10-31 Released Moneylender 3 as the first production ready version!! There's still a bunch of great features on the list of things to be added, but the core components are working nicely and have been field-tested by a few dozen lenders. Updates across the and websites to reflect that Moneylender 3 is the current version of the program. Released second production version 3.0.35 and then version 3.0.36 with support for importing payments from Excel.
2017-10-24 Revised a protion of the calculation engine that edjusted the amount due when loans were overpaid and paid in advance. When closing loans, you can explicity set the loan status to be reported to credit bureaus. Changed the date shown in the details panel to the "current due date", which corresponds with the amount shown for "amount due". Published Beta v3.0.33.
2017-10-23 Fixed crash if getting payoff quote before interest starts. Autobackup now removed previous copies when it hits the max copy count. Moneylender 3 now has a demo mode. Add support for "YYYY", "YY", "MM", and "DD" to inject the numeric year, month and day into auto-generated loan numbers - in addition to the default formatting already available. Custom fields for Loan, Borrower, and Loender can now be added as columns in the main window. Ledger tab of the details panel doesn't show future transactions. When switching loans, the ledger panel remembers what account was displayed. Added LoanLastPaymentDate column option for the main window. Loan details panel was reloading twice or more with each click on a loan, fixed so it only does it once. Main Window was loading twice, fixed that. Fixed the password problem when creating a new account on the WTech Store. Added a Change Password option on the WTech Store once logged into an account. Plenty of testing.
2017-10-19 Ok, Metro2 reporting is pretty much fully integrated. There's one or two odds and ends (like when you close a loan it'll ask you to choose one of the closed account settings, but for now users can choose the account status that fits from the Loan's Metro2 settings dialog. That was a tremendous amount of functionality - adding full Metro2 support to Moneylender 3 in six days. Yikes! With that done, and some more eay tasks, there's only 25 items on my list left to do (from a total of 51 so far) and most of the big stuff is finished. It's looking pretty good for the Halloween launch.
2017-10-17 Wow, two weeks to go! Moneylender 3 is very close to actually producing Metro2 file. The base data for the files is coming out - just the header and footer records for the file need to be made, a couple very small report segments (Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac ID numbers and buy/sell reporting), and the account status code and payment history profile in the main base segment.
2017-10-16 OMG!! After working pretty much the whole weekend and today, the "Metro2 Base Segment" is almost entirely populated. There are three fields left to populate which require some careful checking of details. Structurally, Moneylender 3's Metro2 system is superior to Moneylender 2 in that temporary codes that should be reported once and then blanked out or revert to other settings will do so autmatically in Moneylender 3. Some of the Metro2 choices are much more robust than in Moneylender 2 as well, providing details in the program about when and why to use various reporting codes. A monumental task that is very close to completion, soon to be checking off 8 of the 26 unchecked "before Moneylender 3 goes live" boxes! So excited that Metro2 support will be implemented at Moneylender 3's release - albeit still needing some real-world verification.

After emailing the Moneylender 3 Beta users 10 days ago, there's been some very helpful feedback coming in. Many items are quick fixes and needed cleanup, and the program is so much better thanks to the extra sets of eyes on it. A huge thanks to all the Beta users, and please keep the feedback coming in.
2017-10-11 Lots of good stuff added today: auto-backup works now and checks if nothing has been edited since the last auto-backup to avoid overwriting multiple copies with essentially identical backup copies; made an Import Borrowers video on the help documentation; warns the user that the portfolio is corrupt if a portfolio is opened after the program was shut down during the compress process (a backup is always made before starting the compress for exactly this situation); finally have the triangle excalamation notification icons working - lighting up when a loan is approaching maturation; when opening a portfolio, if it has not been backed up for 90 days the program will invite you to make a backup; when changing the columns on the Moneylender Settings, the column choices take effect immediately instead of after the program is restarted.
2017-10-10 Finished up the support of template files, moved the defaults templates from a portfolio file to a template file, adjusted the installer accordingly. Tested a bunch of stuff. Finished up support for printed checks and made a basic printed check template to ship with the program. When using a password to open a portfolio, the user permissions that match the password take effect. Permissions are honored for editing borrowers and lenders. Permissions honored for editing loan settings.
2017-10-09 Set up a Template file structure that can hold templates and reports but not loan data. Reports of trouble when opening Moneylender 2 portfolios came in from a couple people and fixed a few bugs that were preventing direct-upgrade of MLP2 files from completing. Testing network portfolios and troubleshooting a few issues when the host computer is working hard to keep up with a lot of calculations and the client is asking for a lot of stuff. Finally have some idea how to handle bulk changing the interest rates in a portfolio. Import from Excel only works if excel is installed on the computer, so I might piggy-back a second system to read data onto the import routines. Took another step toward generating Metro2 files.
2017-10-06 Testing and packing up the application for a Beta update. Released Beta 3.0.29.
2017-10-04 Fixed an issue with amortization reports. Upgrade routine to convert the "version 0" file system to the new "version 1" files system. A whole bunch of checking the new system's file integrity. Testing the upgrade routine repeatedly to make sure the upgraded file works properly.
2017-10-03 Finished the refactoring of the template printing system, emailing and printing templates works well now, for statements and vouchers. Auto-attaching a copy of printed statements to each loan also works now.
2017-10-02 Added portfolio setting to keep a copy of printed templates in the portfolio. Added routines when printing/email templates to attach a PDF of the template to its loan. A lot of customer emails/calls today :) Work over that printing code and formalize the process and architecture.
2017-09-29 Tons of testing and debugging yesterday and this morning. Worked through all the biggest bugs and finally have the new file structure closing and opening correctly. I hope to have the code that reads the old file structure working properly in the next hour or two and migrate the default templates and reports to the new system. Then I'll be revising how passwords are set on portfolios - the users in the network config will have an extra option to allow them to open the file directly - allowing up to ten different passwords to open the portfolio file - but also allowing the user that opened the file to have limited permissions to the data.

I have a list of 13 items to round off the features in Moneylender 3. None of them are part of the calculation system. The loan balances seem to be really solid - and much more correct than Moneylender 2 (missed late fees, better loan closing numbers, etc.). The interest is accurate in both programs, but unless you're very specific in Moneylender 2, you'll waive late fees that you were entirely entitled to collect. This weekend I'm going to stabilize Moneyelender 3 after the massive restructuring of the file system and release a version of Moneylender 3 that should be just about 100% solid for daily use.

Testing the reindexing routines, structure modification routines, performance on super-large portfolios by attaching gigantic files to the loans.
2017-09-28 Actually testing the new code. Adding the revision to the password entry / login stage of opening a portfolio file. Added the validity test to see if the file began a compress routine and did not complete - orphaning some of the records in the file permanently.
2017-09-27 On Monday I started a massive restructuring in the file system's architecture. I've been working on that ever since. It enables better security for the data in the portfolio file, allows more than one person to have their own passwords to open a file - so if you forget your password, your business partner can get in and change your password for you. It also opens the door for me to store a password for your portfolio on my serever as a subscription service so you can log into your account on my website and unlock your portfolio if you ever lose your password. And it also allows the user who opens the file to have specific permissions to the file, too. Additionally, it makes both dictionary and brute-force attacks ineffective, even if someone had the portfolio on their own computer and had access to Moneylender's source code. Some of the larger businesses that run Moneylender have an employee hosting the portfolio and the employee really shouldn't have admin privileges to the data. This makes that possible now. Also, it formalizes a couple things that really needed to be specifically defined in the file structure. I'm hoping to be testing the new structure today and have the old structure auto-upgrading to the new one by tomorrow.
2017-09-25 Making a big push to get the last chunks of the program in place by the end of the month. There's a fairly short list of items left to do, maybe half a dozen medium/large tasks.
2017-09-22 Wrote a couple more pages for the Moneylender 3 documentation. Worked on "Primary" column for explicit sorting on reports.
2017-09-20 Any custom values that are present, but not listed in the portfolios custom fields list, are visible when editing a record - prevents data from getting orphaned if the custom field label is changed. Allow deleting reports from report manager. Created a New Loans report. Fixed a couple bugs with custom data. Created a Cash Flow report. Fixed a problem with the balance refresh routine not actually saving the loans after updating the balances.
2017-09-19 Roughed in a bunch of Metro2 classes yesterday in preparation for enabling reporting to the credit bureaus in Moneylender 3. Added custom values to Lender and Payment records. Read through some of the documents from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to see what kind of out-of-the-box support for those loan programs would be possible.
2017-09-15 Fixed a bug when closing an unsatisfied loan and charging off the balance that the recalculation wouldn't reflect the charge-off until manually recalculated later. Got custom fields working for loan records. Put a few pages into the program's documentation.
2017-09-14 Lots has been worked on in the last two weeks. Default templates are shaping up. Reporting now allows setting up report filters. Tons of bug fixes, cleanup and improvement of all sorts of places in the software. Betting handling for missing borrowers and lenders. Prevent deleting lender if there are loans connected to it. Allow payments to be marked returned, and a new NSF fee to be added when that happens. Tons of testing. Released v3.0.28 beta.
2017-09-01 Reworking the template printing system to allow multiple templates on a page, and multipage templates to print on paper the same way. When creating a template, setting portrait or landscape will cause that option to be automatically selected when printing the template. Printing multiple lemplates to a single page works now (like printing labels, for example).
2017-08-31 Added a routine to copy the default reports from the same source that has the default templates.
2017-08-30 Payments that are suspended to a future due date on amortized loans that are being closed are credited toward the outstanding principal balance at closing. Stopped closed loans from having their balances refreshed when the portfolio is first opened. The "Calculated Through" date on closed loans now accurately reflects that the loan is calculated up to the close date instead of two months before the actual calculation end as is the behavior for open loans. Dealt with many subtle glitches in the loan closing and re-opening processes until my loans are opening and closing multiple times and always zeroing out nicely.
2017-08-29 Added ability to import statement and report templates from other portfolios and to re-import the default statements and reports.
2017-08-16 Released 3.0.26 with support for almost all loan template tags, along with other random fixes and improvements.
2017-08-11 In the last couple weeks I've been testing many customers' portfolios in Moneylender 3, importing from version 2, resolving discrepancies, fixing issues with edge cases and corner cases. Lots of work across the whole program. Released beta version 3.0.25, a major step toward being production ready. Only a few items are left to code into the program - custom fields, Metro2 reports, and some of the statement types need to be finished. The rest is debugging, documenting, and fleshing out the default statements and reports that ship with the program. It's really getting quite close to being production ready.
2017-07-26 A whole lot of testing with people's real world loans. Fixing bugs in the network system. When any user updates a loan, that loan refreshes for all connected users automatically.
2017-07-14 Tested closing in the release version of the program. Published beta version 3.0.24.
2017-07-13 Refined the options at closing for handling escrow and balance adjustments. Extensive testing of various scenarios: escrow account is short; escrow has a surplus; escrow surplus is absorbed into the loan balance; balance overpaid - issue refund to borrower; balance overpaid - increase interest proportionally; balance already comes out perfectly to zero; balance underpaid slightly- decrease the final interest; balance underpaid a lot - charge off principal. The closing wizard only presents the options that are valid for the selected loan, making it very easy to see what's happening at closing. The numbers exactly match the figures generated by the payoff calculator, too. Also made several fixes and tweaks to components on the loan calculator. Fixed the value for the loan's overall balance showing a figure taken from too far in the future. The accounting mechanisms of the program are really coming together. I still need to work on payoff penalties and make sure the handling works for all the different types of loans that Moneylender supports.
2017-07-12 Lots of testing and debugging. Adding routines to the calculator components to zero the balances for due amounts and to stop calculations. Refinement of the order that modules are run in the calculation engine. The calculator is really starting to shape up well. All the account balances zero out properly, with the actual money accounts being zeroed out in an accountable and traceable way.
2017-07-11 Much of the closing wizard is actually operational, and the code to record the necessary adjustments and disbursals is written. Testing continues.
2017-07-10 Worked on the Balance Shortage page of the closing wizard. Started testing the date and balance shortage pages.
2017-07-07 Worked up the Escrow Surplus and Escrow Shortage pages of the closing wizard.
2017-07-06 Worked up the closing date page of the loan closing wizard.
2017-07-05 Tested v3.0.23 and released an update to the beta.
2017-07-03 Testing. Editing an adjustment refreshes the adjustment list properly. Created pages and windows for closing a loan.
2017-06-30 The details panel on the right of the main window will remember its width between sessions now.
2017-06-29 Clicking a column header will sort the list of loans. If already sorted on that column, the sort order is reversed. Changed some of the default dates in the new amortized loan to be today instead of the year 1.
2017-06-28 Worked over the list of loans extensively. Column resizing works well now. Tested the release version of the program and fixed several bugs. Font size in the Moneylender settings is working again. Got the ledgers in the details panel populating (albeit you have to switch the selected ledger first). Searching works, as does showing and hiding closed loans. Can delete multiple loans in a single operation.
2017-06-26 Fixed a crash on the main window when a loan did not have a valid lender set. Created the Precomputed Loan calculation engine. Worked over the settings on the informal loan structure. Fixed some more crashes on the main window and the column settings.
2017-06-22 A bunch of work yesterday and today redesigning the list of loans. A customer reported a crash when creating loans, so I got the list of loans to a point where it functions, but it's ugly. The crash should be fixed and version 3.0.21 is out for people to download.
2017-06-20 Moved the program settings to a new class that saves to a file in the C:\Program Data folder; this allows the installer to run without wiping out the program settings like auto-backup, default folder, columns, SMTP settings, etc. Continued working over the
2017-06-19 Worked over the default regular statement template that comes with Moneylender 3 a little bit. Added some escrow related tags. Started roughing in the new UI for the list of loans.
2017-06-15 Implemented the math for many of the statement template tags that weren't supported in Moneylender 3 yet.
2017-06-14 Couple changes to Moneylender 3 template tags. Revamped the home page of this site, and the colors/theming.
2017-06-13 Released Beta version 3.0.20 with fixes for a couple issues reported by a customer when importing their Moneylender 2 portfolio.
2017-06-12 Released Beta version 3.0.19. Template design system is much improved.
2017-06-08 and 09 Finished item reordering by drag/drop on the template designer. Tested the production template mechanism thoroughly for crashes.
2017-06-07 Work through the template designer to give better visual feedback and add a bunch of handlers for things like pressing "Escape" will cancel a move or resize in progress, switch modes to create template objects shows you you're in a mode. Fixed a bug in the snapping routine. Changed the appearance of the sort order list a lot. Fixed a bug with selecting an item from the tag list and saving wouldn't save the selected tag correctly. Made the sort order list resizable. Partially implemented zooming in and out in the designer.
2017-06-05 Work over the print templates dialog to make it clearer what is being emailed, what was emailed, and what will be printed. Test the changes, and printing and emailing statements.
2017-06-01 Finished up network code and started testing. Ironing out various bugs. It's actually working pretty decently at the moment. Adding code to auto-connect to network portfolios if that was the last portfolio open. Released Beta 3.0.18.
2017-05-31 Still working on the network routines.
2017-05-30 Implemented most of the remaining network portfolio access routines.
2017-05-29 Roughed in a mechanism to convert index-optimized record requests to byte arrays and implemented it on both file and network portfolio types. Some of the coolest code I've written in a while. Been designing it in my head for at least two years. Seeing it in real life is pretty epic. Cuts network bandwidth by anywhere from 90% to 99.9%. Should make network portfolio access feel a lot more like direct file access from the user's perspective.
2017-05-25 Created a "Suspense Account" mechanism that applies to amortized loans (without daily interest). When a payment arrives before it is due, the payment is held until the due date and then applied to the loan. Released Beta 3.0.12.
2017-05-24 Fixed balances to reflect the numbers corresponding with the proper dates.
2017-05-23 Added some routines to check if the portfolio being opened is a v2 portfolio, and to automatically create a new v3 portfolio to import the data into. Released Beta v3.0.11. Working on multi-user code. A good chunk of the communication framework between client and host is done. Working to add an index-optimization layer to the network protocol and complete the "data connector" routines. Reviewed loans with a couple customers and made some quick edits to get correct dates to show up.
2017-05-22 Fixed a bug in the borrower and lender wizards that would crash the program when copying the addresses. Release Beta2 with more Escrow capabilities and several minor bug fixes and improvements.
2017-05-18 Extensive work on the Escrow system this week. RESPA escrow adjustments - normal charge, charge with deposit, charge with deposit prorated. "Renewing" annual disbursements works nicely. Reviewed all the controls on the escrow windows. Added "Copy" to the template manager to make copies of templates within a portfolio.
2017-05-15 Find and fix the cause of the post-obfuscation crash whenever a form that has a schedule picker is loaded. Create a few default templates to ship with the Beta based on the ones that come with version 2. Servicing Menu is now the list of templates marked to show on the menu. Add a bunch of pages to the user's guide. Set up a file with the default templates and copy it to the target computer during installation. Add a routine to copy the default templates into new portfolios that are created. Set the program up as a Beta. Make a file association with the .mlp3 extension. Test the installer. Deploy to the web. Update the website.
2017-05-12 Testing in the obfuscated version of the program to clear out any errors related to problems in the obfuscator in preparation for a Beta release on Monday.
2017-05-08 through 2017-05-11 Participated in NoteVision 2017. Presented version 3 changes and new capabilities. A really amazing opportunity. Everyone who uses Moneylender is going to benefit significantly from what I picked up at that conference.
2017-05-05 Added borrowers to the settings tab, and coded the routines for creating, editing, switching primary. Created a window for editing lender connections to loans. Tested the obfuscation process to see if there would be any trouble prepping the application for presentation at NoteVision 2017. Added code to all adding, editing, deleting and switching primary for the lenders on a loan. Tested along with testing a couple other parts of the program.
2017-05-04 Added routines to test for irregular period at the beginning of scheduled interest loans and add or substitute daily interest accordingly. Revise the Payment details report code since the last round of changes to the reporting system. Testing and reviewing various sample loans for potential problems. Adding code to view and manage the borrowers and lenders associated with a loan.
2017-05-03 Allow dropping files onto the attachments panel to attach them to the loan. Testing and debugging the note editing. Found a dirty bug where text stored in Unicode format with the max number of characters would get abandoned. Most text is ASCII, so this hadn't come up yet. That took a while to figure out! Work over the import template from MLP2 process since the last round of template code changes. Fix the rounded rectangles on PDFs from templates. Found bug where late fees aren't getting picked up if partial calculation starts at some points between cycles, fixed it. Revised all routines in the loan details panel that edit records so the recalculation date is the lesser of the original date of the edited record or the revised date.
2017-05-02 Test the notes and attachments panels. Include late fee settings in the MLP2 import process. Adding and exporting attachments works. Converting stored statement history from MLP2 to PDF attachments in MLP3 is working. Create a quicknote edit page. Add "pop-up reminder" field to record. Notes coming from MLP2 are set with reminders on if they have a future date.
2017-05-01 Update PDFSharp references for generating PDFs from templates. Migrate Moneylender 2's stored template tag settings decompression routines. Add routines to save templates to PDF attachments. Add file attachment record type and code to read/write an arbitrary amount of binary data for the attachment. Test the import from v2 routine for copying in Notes and attaching pdfs for historic templates. Add tabs to the Loan Details Panel for notes and attachments. Add code for managing attachments.
2017-04-28 Added quicknote records to Moneylender 3's file structure. Added import routine to pull notes from Moneylender 2 into Moneylender 3. Started adding routine to convert saved statements to PDF attachments in MLP3.
2017-04-27 Importing payoff penalty settings from MLP2 is written now. Custom fields import from MLP2 is written. Importing third party fees as either fees or escrow settings per user configuration is written (making a couple assumptions about how users have entered their escrow charges in Moneylender 2).
2017-04-26 Testing the Portfolio Settings dialog's custom fields management. Testing the revised import routines. A lot of testing and debugging on the custom field interface on the portfolio settings dialog, and it's working and saving the custom settings nicely. Finished out some of the routines that import from Moneylender 2 that needed to be completed.
2017-04-25 Added routines to the portfolio structure to simplify reading and writing custom values. Added option to set the height of the textbox to create when adding controls for setting custom values on records. Started binding the portfolio settings dialog to the custom settings on the viewmodel. Lots of testing and debugging on a new routine to compress/reindex a portfolio file. Shaves about 40% of the time off the compress and reindex processes. The processes run when the file structure changes or the portfolio isn't properly closed. It happens to me all the time during debugging, and it'll happen occasionally during the normal use of Moneylender 3, and will happen occasionally when updates come out that change the structure of the file. Works pretty nicely now. :)
2017-04-24 Revised the "import from MLP2" routine to supply all upgradeable data for the loan records. Added structure for housing custom information in association with any type of record. Added the custom field lists to the Portfolio Settings object. Added "viewmodel" code for managing the custom fields. Started adding in the UI components to manage the custom fields in the portfolio.
2017-04-21 Rewrite the file structure to separate the records in the database from the assigned record type ids. Rewrite the record upgrade routine to automatically assign a new id to new templates. Rewrite the file maintenance process to upgrade templates in-place and manage indexes simultaneously. All these edits will cut the file management time when opening portfolios after a program update by 80% to 99%.
2017-04-20 Did some work with printing checks for principal disbursals. Created a print button for use around the application. Debugging in various loan calculations.
2017-04-19 Added routine to generate CSV files from reports. Tweaked the auto-selection behavior on large textboxes. Clean up on the edit Loan Dialog and the Interest setting dialog. Testing creating amortized loan with new wizard. Debugging scheduled interest on amortized loans. Started laying the groundwork for calculating the irregular interest at the beginning of a loan with interest on the payment schedule - ADB (Avg Daily Bal), Daily Interest, and interest on its own schedule don't have this requirement.
2017-04-18 Built the first three steps of the new Amortized Loan Wizard. Started testing and debugging the routines on those pages.
2017-04-17 Completed coding and testing of the template designer snapping. Printing using newer WPF is drawing pages. Disabled Print and Copy buttons on the preview window. Successfully test printing a payoff quote template.
2017-04-14 Continue revision of the templating system. Move all the measurements to density-pixels, which conversions to Inches or Millimeters where displayed to the user. Properly initialize the tag list when embedding tags into textboxes. Migrate printing to WPF FixedDocument rendering from GDI+ graphics drawing. Roughed in the template designer snapping code.
2017-04-13 Revise the templating system in conjunction with the payoff quotes. Clean up various parts of the user interface.
2017-04-12 When a portfolio is opened, loans that don't require a balance calculation will run a simpler refresh routine that updates the values that could have changed without the user adding any records to the loan. Added "CurrentDueDate" to loan record to compliment the "PaidThrough" and "NextPaymentDue" values. Improved the system status feedback when a portfolio is undergoing a record format upgrade (usually takes a while if there are lots of loans - knowing it's working and how long it'll take is reassuring). Prevent clicking on New or Open portfolio while a portfolio being opened is performing file maintenance.
2017-04-07 Added tags for Payoff values to the template system along with a Payoff Quote template type. Created a placeholder payoff quote. When a payoff is generated in the payoff calculator, the user can forward that payoff to the template system to send/print the payoff quote to the borrower. Print template system selects the first template by default.
2017-04-06 When closing, the window closes immediately and the portfolio is closed asynchronously so the user does not think the program did not close when the X is clicked. Payoff Calculator can calculate payoff quotes.

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